Special Equipment: Scale, Chef Knife, Bowl, Food Processor, Saute Pan or Fryer, Falafel Scoop
Serves: 6-8

Shopping List


7 Each  Garlic, cloves
1/3 Each Serrano Chile
2.5 Oz Onions, White 
1 Oz Cilantro, Leaves & Stems
1.5 oz | 51 g Parsley, Leaves

Dry Goods

1 Cup Garbanzo, Dry
1 Tablespoon  Salt, Kosher
3 Tablespoon Mousa N.30 or Falafel Spice
1-2 Cup Neutral Oil


Falafel Mix

1 Cup | 200 g Garbanzo, Dry
24 Oz | 700 g Water, Cold or Room Temp
7 Each  | 33 g Garlic, cloves
1/3 Each | 4 g Serrano Chile
2.5 Oz | 77.5 g Onions, White 
1 Oz | 27 g Cilantro, Leaves & Stems
1.5 oz | 51 g Parsley, Leaves
1 Tablespoon | 14 g Salt, Kosher
3 Tablespoon | 15 g Mousa N.30 or Falafel Spice
1-2 Cup Neutral Oil

My falafel mix is an herbaceous & spiced packed blend of chopped garbanzo beans that pack a little heat. This recipe ranks in my top 5 vegan go-to.


Soaking beans

In a large bowl, add Garbanzo beans & Water let soak on your counter, or in your fridge over night (8-12 hours)

  1. Once Garbanzo Beans are fully soaked, drain out water & add to a bowl.
  2. Add Garlic Cloves, Serrano Chile, White Onion (chopped), Cilantro, Parsley, Salt, Moussa & mix well.
  3. Using a food processor or a grinding attachment, chop the ingredients until the beans & vegetables hold shape. This means the mixture should be smooth, but a little chunky. The beans are what bind everything together so if your falafel is falling apart just chop it up a little more.

Pure Juicer Users

  • Add soaked chickpeas & remaining ingredients to the hopper with size 12 dye
  • Pulverize 1-2 times or until the mixture is fine in size.
  • Proceed to Shaping & Cooking

Mousa is originally crafted as a dry rendition of the Moroccan spice paste chermoula, this combination of cooking spices and herbs is also perfect on Thanksgiving turkey.
click here to learn more

Shaping & Cooking

  • Once mixture is to the desired consistency, shape into 1/2 Oz balls & flatten to form a puck
  • Fill your saute pan with oil. Now when you’re filling the pan you will need a good amount of oil. The reason why we create pucks is to lower the amount of oil used.
  • Heat your oil to a low -medium heat about 325 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Carefully slide falafel into the oil from the side of the pan to prevent your fingers from being burned
  • Fry each side of the falafel for about 2 minutes or until golden brown
  • Using a slotted spoon, take out the falafel & place onto a paper towel & season lightly with salt

Tips: If you’re not a fan of frying, you can bake your falafel in the oven. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit & cook for about 8 – 10 minutes or until golden brown


  • You can eat your falafel as is, but I like serving it with Tahina (click here to see the recipe)
  • You could also serve in a pita, or on top of a salad. Bon Appétit!
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