Falafel Pita Sandwich


Special Equipment: Scale, Chef Knife, Bowl, Food Processor, Saute Pan or Fryer, Falafel Scoop
Serves: 6-8

My falafel mix is an herbaceous & spiced packed blend of chopped garbanzo beans that pack a little heat. This recipe ranks in my top 5 vegan go-to.

Shopping List


7 Each  Garlic, cloves
1/3 Each Serrano Chile
2½ Oz Onions, White 
1 Oz Cilantro, Leaves & Stems
1½ oz Parsley, Leaves

Dry Goods

1 Cup Garbanzo, Dry
1 Tablespoon  Salt, Kosher
3 Tablespoon Mousa N.30 or Falafel Spice
1-2 Cup Neutral Oil

Soaking Beans


1 Cup | 200 g Garbanzo, Dry
24 Oz | 700 g Water, Cold or Room Temp

  1. In a large bowl, add Garbanzo beans & Water let soak on your counter, or in your fridge over night (8-12 hours)

Falafel Mix


Soaked Chickpeas (above)
7 Each | 33 g Garlic, cloves
1/3 Each | 4 g Serrano Chile
2½ Oz | 77.5 g Onions, White
1 Oz | 27 g Cilantro, Leaves & Stems
1.5 oz | 51 g Parsley, Leaves
1 Tablespoon | 14 g Salt, Kosher
3 Tablespoon | 15 g Mousa N.30 or Falafel Spice
1-2 Cup Neutral Oil

  1. In a large bowl, add Garbanzo beans & Water let soak on your counter, or in your fridge over night (8-12 hours)
  2. Once Garbanzo Beans are fully soaked, drain out water & add to a bowl.
  3. Add Garlic Cloves, Serrano Chile, White Onion (chopped), Cilantro, Parsley, Salt, Moussa & mix well.
  4. Using a food processor or a grinding attachment, chop the ingredients until the beans & vegetables hold shape. This means the mixture should be smooth, but a little chunky. The beans are what bind everything together so if your falafel is falling apart just chop it up a little more.

Pure Juicer Users

  • Add soaked chickpeas & remaining ingredients to the hopper with size 12 dye
  • Pulverize 1-2 times or until the mixture is fine in size.
  • Proceed to Shaping & Cooking

Mousa is originally crafted as a dry rendition of the Moroccan spice paste chermoula, this combination of cooking spices and herbs is also perfect on Thanksgiving turkey.
click here to learn more

Shaping & Cooking

  1. Once mixture is to the desired consistency, shape into 1/2 Oz balls & flatten to form a puck
  2. Fill your saute pan with oil. Now when you’re filling the pan you will need a good amount of oil. The reason why we create pucks is to lower the amount of oil used.
  3. Heat your oil to a low -medium heat about 325 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Carefully slide falafel into the oil from the side of the pan to prevent your fingers from being burned
  5. Fry each side of the falafel for about 2 minutes or until golden brown
  6. Using a slotted spoon, take out the falafel & place onto a paper towel & season lightly with salt

Tips: If you’re not a fan of frying, you can bake your falafel in the oven. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit & cook for about 8 – 10 minutes or until golden brown


  1. You can eat your falafel as is, but I like serving it with Tahina (click here to see the recipe)
  2. You could also serve in a pita, or on top of a salad.
  3. Bon Appétit!
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