Smoked Whitefish Salad

Special Equipment: Scale, Pot, Chef Knife, Bowl, Microplane
Serves: 4-6


Salad Mix

This recipe is inspired by the Salmon Rillette I learned while working for Chef Ripert and Mademoiselle LeCoz at the famed Le Bernardin. It was made fresh every day and served as a complimentary canape to signify the start of our guest’s meal. Mademoiselle loved the Rillette so much she started every morning with it. I hope you love this Whitefish Salad as much as she loves the Rillette.


Cooking The Fish

  • Bring wine, water, shallot, & garlic to a boil in a saucepan over high heat
  • Reduce to a simmer & cook for 3 minutes
  • Add flaked smoked fish & turn off the heat. Let poach for 2-3 minutes
  • Remove the fish, garlic & shallot from the poaching liquid & place onto a towel & chill

Tips: If you’re big into smoking do the following. Take a 2 Lb of whitefish loins & season with salt & pepper. Cold smoke for about 10-15 minutes. Once smoked, add to poaching liquid & simmer low until fish is firm & opaque. Continue recipe from “Remove the fish from the poaching liquid…”

Salad Mix

  • In a bowl, add sour cream, mayonnaise, chive, parsley, tarragon, lemon juice & smoked salmon. Whisk to incorporate
  • Add chilled smoked-poached fish, garlic & shallot to the sauce mix. Gently mix & break up the smoked fish
  • Adjust seasoning & eat with a crusty bagel

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