Tuna Poke

Special Equipment: Scale, Chef Knife, Bowl, Pot, Strainer
Serves: 1


Poke Build (1 bowl)

4 Oz | 114g Rice, Cooked (see below)
1/2 Oz | 13g Kewpie Mayo
1/2 Oz | 13g Hoisin
3 Oz | 85g Tuna, diced or Cooked Beets, diced
1/2 Teaspoon | 2g Sesame Oil
1 Oz | 29g Cherry Tomatoes
1 Oz | 29g Fava Beans
1/2 Oz | 15g Radishes
1 Oz | 29g Cucumbers, sliced or diced
1/2 Oz | 15g Pickles, chopped
1/4 Oz | 8g Furikake, Kimchi
Shiso (optional)

Cooking Rice

1 1/3 Cup | 275g Water
2 Teaspoon | 8g Salt, Kosher
1 Nub | 10g Ginger, Sliced
1 Cup | 188g Jasmine Rice

Picking the right Tuna

When you are looking for good tuna, start with your local fish monger. If you don’t have one, Whole Foods is your next best option. Yellow Fin #1 or #2, are the higher sushi grade tunas. Make sure it is bright red, not brown & oxidized. The best cut for this Tuna Poke Bowl the top loin closest to the head of the tuna. This piece with have the least amount of sinew (fibrous white connecting tissue that is hard to chew). If you cannot find high quality tuna, replace it with delicious cooked red beets.


Cooking Rice

  • Using a strainer, add 1 Cup of Jasmine rice & rinse with cold water. Stop when the water runs clear (about 3 minutes). Set aside & allow remaining water to drain off.
  • In a pot, add 1 1/3 cup Water, 2 teaspoons of Salt, & 1 nub of Ginger & bring to a boil quickly. Make sure to cover the water with a lid to prevent it from evaporating
  • Add the Jasmine rice to the boiling water & bring back up to a boil.
  • Reduce rice to a low simmer & cover.
  • Cook for 20 minutes. When time is up, allow rice to rest with the lid on for 5 minutes.
  • Using a fork, fluff the rice & remove ginger.
  • Keep rice covered in a warm area until you’re ready to plate.

Tuna & Vegetable Prep

Note: I like to eat a mixture of raw & cooked vegetables in my Poke Bowl. I recommend blanching beans because they take much longer to breakdown in your stomach when raw.

  • Dice the tuna into 1/2 inch size pieces & mix with the sesame oil. For those eating beets, make sure to boil your beets whole before cutting them. It will allow them to stay nice & juicy. The sesame is great on the beets as well.
  • Slice cucumbers & radishes into bite size pieces
  • Cut the cherry tomatoes in half or whatever size you like.


  • When you have all of your mise en place ready, grab a bowl & start plating.
  • I like to start with my rice. Add 4 Oz of rice to your bowl & gently spread it out so that its flat, wide & fluffy.
  • On the top of the rice, lightly squeeze the kewpie mayo & hoisin. Remember, you can always add more sauce later, you can never remove it.
  • Place your sesame dressed tuna or beets, on top of the sauced rice.
  • Add the remaining ingredients around so that you can see all of the different types of vegges in their own little sections.
  • Don’t forget to add 1/2 Oz pickles for a light pop of acid. You can use whatever pickles you like. Just make sure they are chopped up so they don’t overwhelm your pallet. If you’d like to make your own pickles, click here to check out my Quick Pickle Recipe .
  • Finish by adding Furikake to give your Poke Bowl a crunchy umami bomb.
  • Enjoy!

Notes: Picking vegetables with different colors & textures will help your dish look beautiful & taste amazing.

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